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Mold & Indoor Air Quality

Has your building been temporarily closed as a result of our efforts to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus?  Are you now facing IAQ problems, or concerns about whether the building is safe?  Are there new musty odors or potential mold issues; is the building clean?

Get the solutions you need for any type of building ~ homes, residences, offices, churches, schools, institutional and industrial facilities.

Buildings are not only significant assets into which we deeply invest our financial resources, we entrust our very health to the quality of the air within the buildings where we work and live.

IAQ problems occur over a broad range of type and severity.  Some problems involve the presence of unusual odors or mild irritants, or comfort issues such as temperature, humidity, and air flow issues.  Other problems involve conditions that can more seriously affect human health, including the presence of significant irritants, toxins, molds, allergens, or harmful gases.  Regardless of the nature of the problem, an initial assessment / inspection is the first step to identifying the problem (or problems), the causes, and formulating an effective solution.

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